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One cold evening, a few months into opening our venue, The Cool Club and the Lipker Sisters were scheduled to perform on our stage for the very first time. I had never heard nor seen them in person and only knew of them from what I read: “jump, jazz, boogie-woogie, ragtime swing.”  


In they walked, first were three beautiful young women Marilla, Grace and Elizabeth “The Lipker Sisters,” followed shortly by Rick, Trevor, Joe and Tom, affectionately known as “The Cool Club.” With bright smiles and big personalities, their feel-good energy swept through the room with them and I knew that we were headed for a very special evening. 


On stage the sisters stood in front of their mics with the band complementing them from just behind as the show was about to start. The Cool Club then brought their instruments to life and the girls’ first notes escaped like song birds that had been gently let out into the wild. 


The audience was at first stunned into silence and so was I. The band sounded exactly like someone transported the Andrew, Boswell or Puppini Sisters out of their respective decades and planted them on stage—only better. Much better. The talent of these three girls is unimaginable. 


The crowd found themselves dancing before they even knew what hit them. This continued for the entirety of their performance. The Lipker Sisters took turns singing, each voice a gorgeous fraternal twin to the next while the Cool Club did some magical vocal work of their own. Their covers of Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy, I’ve Got Rhythm and others are just as chilling as they are nostalgic while their originals saturate the heart long after the music has ended. 


The Cool Club and The Lipker Sisters are like a dynamic musical family with raw bright energy that has the uncanny ability to lighten any mood. The only unfortunate thing about this CD is that you can’t beam yourself in here to experience their energy in person. However, once you press play, you will be transported to another time, place, or wherever the music takes you. 


Old school is the new school and Cool Club and the Lipker Sisters are conductors of this musical movement.

- Jen Brunett, Owner, Iron Smoke Distillery

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The Cool Club and Lipker Sisters are a popular act on our canal deck every summer. They have a great sound, have a lot of energy, and bring in a fun crowd.


– Neil Clark, Owner, Towpath Grille

These guys are consummate professionals. They play to a full-house every time we book them. Their music is tight and the crowd loves them. We LOVE them!


– Kim Aliperti, Owner, Billsboro Winery

I had the opportunity to fill in with the Lipker Sisters and found them to be talented, knowledgeable beyond their years, and a lot of fun. Their stage presence and ability to connect with an audience breathe youthful joy into their unique blend of classic repertoire from the American songbook.


– Bill Tiberio, saxophonist/educator

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